Must Love Spankings

My new book, Must Love Spankings, has finally launched!

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Sarah Moore isn’t used to being treated with kindness. Freedom of any kind was foreign while her ex-boyfriend kept her monitored and under his thumb. She’s used to being controlled and perhaps that explains her hunger for risky behavior.

After managing to escape, Sarah begins an exploration of herself, but the journey doesn’t truly begin until she becomes entranced by the blue eyes of her new boss, a powerful CEO named Finn Garrett. But Mr. Garrett’s good looks, charisma, and power afford him a world where any woman he wants is ripe for his picking. Why would he be interested in shy, clumsy Sarah who can barely pay her rent? People find him intimidating and naturally in charge. Sarah’s reaction to these traits is questionable at best after just having escaped a controlling, dictating, and mentally unstable man.

Mr. Garrett, however, is unique. His authority comes from more than just a well-earned title or staggering wealth. His commands are followed because of more than being the boss. To her own surprise, Sarah longs for his command over every inch of her body. But even if he were interested in her, their relationship would come with substantial risk since the company would most certainly fear claims of sexual misconduct if they were discovered.

To complicate matters further, Sarah’s ex-boyfriend wants back into her life whether she wants that or not. While chaos ensues in her world, she finds comfort in the mysterious connection that has developed between she and Mr. Garrett. Their shared erotic interest of spanking has him dominating her body by her own desire. It’s unlike anything Sarah has ever experienced, but as their relationship becomes ever more difficult to hide, will Mr. Garrett risk his career to continue this daring physical relationship with Sarah? As the surrounding powers close in, they are both going to find out.

Must Love Spankings is a uniquely riveting, captivating experience you won’t forget!